Our Partners

Partnering one of the world largest Freight Forwarding companies; BDP International, Freight Consult provides you with end to end logistics solutions.

BDP International has over 50 years of logistics excellence serving various companies in different industries and has expertise in the following:

  • Chemical Logistics
  • Global Project Logistics
  • Healthcare Logistics
  • Oil and Gas Logistics
  • Retail and Consumer Logistics.

Key Service Offerings include:

  • Global Transportation (Air, Surface, Sea)
  • Export and Import Logistics
  • Lead Logistics Provider
  • Regulatory and Security Compliance
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Centrx Consulting

 BDP International offers you simplified total logistics services with the use of latest technology:

BDP Insight – Rate Request

BDPSmart – Order Execution

BDPSmart Vu- Vendor Management

BDPSmart Tower – Asset Visibility

For more information, please go to www.bdpinternational.com

Our Affiliation